Chaska River City Days Photo Contest 2024


Chaska River City Days is a nonprofit community event that raises money and creates awareness for local area nonprofit organizations.

People are invited to submit their photographs online.  Entries will be continuously displayed at Lion’s Park, near the Pavilion from Friday July 26th through 28th on a super-size, high-resolution screen.

All entries will be considered for selection as winners to receive prizes in a juried contest. Winners and prizes will be announced and notified prior to the first day of display.

Photo Entry Rules:

  1. Submit your original, high-resolution photos online at
  2. Contest submissions should not use Photoshop or any other professional image manipulation software to drastically change the initial image.  (The use of camera filters, photo framing, minor color adjustments, etc., is fine to use for contest entries.) A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) to enhance or create contest entries is not allowed.
  3. Submit photos in any common image file format such as, but not limited to, JPEG, PNG, or BITMAP. (Note: Most cameras and phone cameras save images as JPEGS.)
  4. For each submission, include a registration form. Limit 2 entries per contest category.
  5. There are no photo location restrictions.
  6. This year’s photography categories are:
  • Flora
  • Landscapes / Waterscapes
  • All wildlife (furry, fins, flying, scales, butterflies, insects, etc.)
  • Pets (includes but not limited to animal companions; service, therapy, emotional support animals, working dogs, farm animals)
  • People (who are identifiable in the photo and have given permission to be photographed), street scenes
  • Architecture (monuments, statues, sculptures, buildings)
  • Sunsets / Sunrises
  • Still Life
  • Transportation (trains, planes, gliders, automobiles, bicycles, ships, watercrafts, plus…)
  • Special Youth Classification: Photographers 17 years & younger. All 2024 Photo Contest categories are open for Youth submissions.


Submission deadline is Friday, July 5th, 2024. You will receive an email acknowledging receipt of each photo submission for the 2024 contest.


Photo Contest
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I certify that I have carefully read the enclosed rules in their entirety and agree to abide by them. The applicant covenants to save, defend, hold harmless, and indemnify the Chaska River City Days Committee and the City of Chaska Minnesota, and all of its officers, departments, agencies, agents, employees and volunteers, from and against any and all claims, losses, damages, injuries, fines, penalties, costs (including court costs and attorney's fees), charges, liability, or exposure, however caused, resulting from, arising out of, or in any way connected with the applicant' event.
I am enclosing a Certificate of Liability covering my organization's activities.

Note: If you need assistance entering your photo(s) on the CRCD Photo Contest Submission Form please email the Photo Contest coordinator at