Non-Profit Food Vendor Registration


    Chaska River City Days JULY 28-30, 2023

    1. DATES AND TIMES Chaska River City Days is July 28-30, 2023. Advertised RCD event hours for Friday is 4 pm to 12 midnight: Saturday from 10 am to 12 midnight, and Sunday from 9:00 to 4:30pm. It is the recommendation by the RCD Committee that the Food and Beverage Booths remain open until 8 pm both Friday and Saturday nights. There will be food trucks in the park after that time. However, individual consideration for an earlier/later closing time may be made by contacting the Food/Beverage Coordinator.
    2. LOCATION: Majority of the events are located at Lion's Park, 1300 Crosstown Blvd., Chaska. Off-site events are noted as such.
    3. REGISTRATION FEE: The Registration Fee reserves your booth space after approval. (See Registration Form). Registration forms must be completed, signed and submitted with your registration fee. Also returned is a copy of your Certificate of Insurance (see #4).
    4. CERTIFICATE OF LIABILITY INSURANCE: Each organization must supply a Certificate of Liability. Please have your insurance company name both CHASKA RIVER CITY DAYS and the CITY OF CHASKA MINNESOTA to the certificate holder of your insurance contract. (See your insurance agent/carrier for more information). Complete and enclose the signed “Hold Harmless Agreement” with your “Registration Form.”
    5. BOOTH ACTIVITY: The RCD Committee reserves the right to limit booth activity/food/beverage items to avoid duplication.
    6. ELECTRICITY: Participants can be furnished with one source of electricity if the request accompanies the application. NOTE: All extension cords must be AWG #12 grounded rated. Participants must supply their own cords. (We recommend you bring a multi-plug surge protector if you need multiple outlets).
    7. TENTS/CANOPYS/TABLES AND CHAIRS: Participants must furnish their own canopies or tents as well as tables and chairs. You are not allowed to use the RCD rental chairs or tables or park picnic tables.
    8. CANCELLATIONS/REFUNDS: You may cancel at any time. Full refunds given if canceled by 07/01/2023. $50.00 cancellation fee after 07/01/2023.
    9. SET UP: Booth placements will be mailed/emailed out approximately 2 weeks prior to the event. Booth locations will be marked on Thursday, July 27. YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO SET UP UNTIL YOU HAVE VERIFIED YOUR BOOTH PLACEMENT WITH A RCD COMMITTEE MEMBER. If you plan to set up on Thursday, please contact Food Coordinator prior to set up on Thursday. If you plan to set up on Friday, please CHECK-IN at the RCD booth prior to set up to verify your location. You will be responsible for any inconvenience that you impose on other vendors. Participants may leave their booths up overnight. The RCD Committee assumes no responsibility for the booths or their contents.
    10. SALES TAX INFORMATION: According to Minnesota Law, it is our responsibility as an event sponsor to notify all exhibitors that you must have a Sales Tax Number and be collecting the Minnesota Sales Tax (if applicable). For more information call the MN Sales Tax Department at 1-800-657-3777 or 651-296-6181.
    11. FOOD VENDOR LICENSE: According to Minnesota Law all food vendors must apply for a Seasonal Temporary Food Stand (STF) permit through the MN Department of Health. Phone: 651-201-4500. Email: and fees should be submitted early. The process may take up to two weeks and the license may be granted 14 days before the event. Some food items may need to be licensed through the Department of Agriculture. The MN Department of Health will inform the vendor what to do if that is the case.
    12. PARKING: Loading and Unloading zones are located in the Parking Lot at Lion's Park (limited). Please park your vehicles away from the park to allow patrons easy access. Food vendors will have reserved parking (one space per vendor) on 3rd street or nearby. There will be NO RESERVED PARKING FOR 2023. Check in at the RCD booth upon arrival.
    13. GARBAGE: If your booth generates trash, you are responsible to clean and remove the trash from your area. Dumpsters for recyclables, organics and non-recyclables are located nearby. A member of our recycling team will meet with each Food vendor to assess you needs.

    For all Food and Beverage Vendors, contact Food/Beverage Coordinator at
    The event is held rain or shine. No refunds will be made
  • (+1) 952-448-9999
  • NOTE:
    1. Only one circuit is guaranteed; however, we will try to honor as many additional requests as possible on a first come basis. Be accurate on the power requirements you needed! Vendors must supply their own electrical cords and power
    2. Food Vendors are responsible for the transporting their own garbage/recyclables to the designated garbage area on the corner of Walnut and 4th St. If you need a garbage bin, let us know and we can have a bin at your vendor site for you to use.


    I certify that I have carefully read the enclosed rules in their entirety and agree to abide by them. The applicant covenants to save, defend, hold harmless, and indemnify the Chaska River City Days Committee and the City of Chaska Minnesota, and all of its officers, departments, agencies, agents, employees and volunteers, from and against any and all claims, losses, damages, injuries, fines, penalties, costs (including court costs and attorney's fees), charges, liability, or exposure, however caused, resulting from, arising out of, or in any way connected with the applicant' event. I am enclosing a Certificate of Liability covering my organization's activities.

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